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Alberta Association on Gerontology (AAG)


The Alberta Association on Gerontology (AAG) is a province-wide interdisciplinary organization that seeks to enhance the lives of the aging population through support of persons involved in and concerned with gerontology. AAG seeks to provide a vehicle for networking among individuals and organizations interested in gerontology in Alberta and to stimulate the development of opportunities that enhance the knowledge and practice of people interested in gerontology in Alberta.

What is Gerontology

AAG - What is Gerontology

Gerontology is the interdisciplinary study of aging. It encompasses the biological, psychological, sociological, health and economic aspects of aging. As both a basic and applied social science, it involves the study of aging from the individual as well as from the societal perspective. Gerontologists might have a degree in gerontology, or may have a specialization in aging within another discipline. They can work in a variety of settings such as health facilities, mental health services, social service agencies, marketing and communications, retirement planning, recreation and leisure, housing agencies, government agencies, community agencies, advocacy groups, or research and educational institutions, to name a few examples. Because of their broad understanding of aging, gerontologists are able to assume many different roles and provide perspective to specialists in other fields whose work leads them to deal with the older population.

Calgary Chapter

The AAG Calgary Chapter serves the community with its own board. In addition, the Calgary Chapter holds events and offers a scholarship for students.

Edmonton Chapter

Find out about the unique AAG Edmonton Chapter news and board. The Edmonton Chapter hosts events, as well as, a student award.