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Strategic Plan

Alberta Association on Gerontology’s (AAG) three-year strategic plan for 2015-2018 identifies 6 major goals and numerous priority activities under each goal. Working groups have also been formed to support the activities. These goals and activities were identified through several strategic planning sessions comprised of AAG provincial board members, Edmonton Chapter and Calgary Chapter board members and key representatives from AAG past presidents and Mary Morrison Davis Award recipients. Goals are overarching and priority activities include short-term as well as long-term outcomes. The strategic plan will be reviewed annually to assess progress and revise as activities are completed.


To be recognized as a hub for facilitating the growth and exchange of knowledge for older adults in Alberta.

Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of older adults in Alberta by supporting research, influencing policy and promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practice among the public, experts, service providers and government.


The AAG is a province-wide interdisciplinary organization that provides:

  • Opportunities for knowledge transfer related to evidence informed practice in gerontology
  • Opportunities for knowledge creation including student scholarships and support for research
  • An environment for professional networking and shared interest in older adults and gerontological issues
  • Opportunities for mutual support and career development
  • Input to and/or influence on public policy

Goal 1

To align AAG’s structure and procedures to respond to changes in the environment, new knowledge, and aging needs in order to support our membership.

Priority Activities:

  • 1.1  Review literature and structure of similar Canadian and international associations on gerontology to inform a review of the Association’s governance structure.
  • 1.2  Develop and implement a provincial and chapter governance structure.
  • 1.3  Review and update bylaws, policies and processes.
  • 1.4  Establish a board orientation for new members

Goal 2

To increase collaboration and networking with other organizations towards the improvement of quality of life and services for seniors.

Priority Activities:

  • 2.1  Compile list of organizations which AAG would wish to collaborate with and develop mechanisms for future and ongoing collaboration.
  • 2.2  Explore and solidify connections with other identified organizations.
  • 2.3  Communicate and work with other organizations that wish to align with our Association to improve services for seniors.
  • 2.4  Explore and potentially re-establish ties with Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG).

Goal 3

To disseminate evidence informed ideas to influence policies and services that will enhance the quality of life and services for seniors.

Priority Activities:

  • 3.1  Review international literature on policies and models of delivery that will enhance the quality of life and quality of services for seniors.
  • 3.2  Develop strategies for communicating these evidence-based policies and strategies to government, service providers and stakeholders.
  • 3.3  Create networking opportunities for members to exchange ideas.

Goal 4

To increase the profile and visibility of AAG.

Priority Activities:

  • 4.1  Use the AAGmag and develop additional marketing materials to advertise the goals and the Strategic Plan of the Association.
  • 4.2  Explore the use of the AAGmag and Social Media to communicate messages and strategic activities of the Association.
  • 4.3  Review and update the AAGmag and AAG website with new Vision, Mission and Mandate.
  • 4.4  Meet with key stakeholders to raise awareness of the contribution of gerontology to improving the quality of life and services to seniors.
  • 4.5  Participate in and/or support local events, including presentations, promotional displays, and involvement in aging and related conferences in Alberta.

Goal 5

To increase membership of AAG.

Priority Activities:

  • 5.1  Encourage Board members and other members to write personal letters to recruit new members for the Association.
  • 5.2  Develop and identify specific benefits for AAG members as a means of recruitment.
  • 5.3  Develop strategies to make it easier to pay for membership.
  • 5.4  Solicit membership in all categories (i.e. individual, organization, student, senior).
  • 5.5  Support existing regional chapters.
  • 5.6  Explore the creation of additional regional chapters

Goal 6

To increase revenue and sponsorship to support AAG activities and initiatives.

Priority Activities:

  • 6.1  Review membership categories and fee structure.
  • 6.2  Solicit advertisements for the AAGmag newsletter, the website, at networking dinners, local events, etc.
  • 6.3  Solicit sponsorship for networking dinners and other AAG events.

PDF File Download:
AAG Strategic Plan 2015-2018