Advertising Rates and Process

We welcome appropriate advertising for AAG members (within AAG guidelines set by the Editor in conjunction with the AAG Provincial Board) within the newsletter and/or on our AAG website.

The process for submitting all advertisements is through our AAG email or mailing address c/o Editor, Alberta Association on Gerontology.

AAGmag Advertising Rates

for each issue of newsletter (which is produced and distributed electronically):


  • Quarter page: $70.00 + GST
  • Half page: $125.00 + GST


  • Quarter page: $50.00 + GST
  • Half page: $90.00 + GST

AAG Website Advertisement Rates

  • 12 month period: $150.00 + GST (includes up to 2 changes free of charge)
  • 3 month period: $60.00 + GST (does not include any free changes)

Guidelines for all advertisements

  • All advertisements are to be “camera ready” i.e., formatted as to size and graphics, fonts, etc.
  • Usually, all advertisements are to be pre-paid
  • Non-members will be provided with a single copy of the issue (if within AAGmag in which their ad appears).
  • Members are entitled to the discount as per above rates.

Our mailing address:

Alberta Association on Gerontology
PO Box 47022
Edmonton Centre
Edmonton, AB T5J 4N1

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