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Award Recipients

2019 AAG Provincial Award Recipient

Noelannah Neubauer

2019 AAG Edmonton Chapter Student Award

Charlotte Ryder

2019 AAG Calgary Chapter Student Award

Bria Mele

2016 Mary Morrison Davis Award of Excellence Recipient

Susan Slaughter has a Master of Science in Nursing from McGill University in Montreal and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Community Health Sciences from University of Calgary, and Post Doc Fellowship in Knowledge Translation from the University of Alberta. Dr. Slaughter is currently an Associate Profession in the Faculty of Nursing in University of Alberta. She is the investigator of numerous research projects in continuing care and gerontology in various centres and service sites in Alberta. She also participated in numerous policy planning and implementation committees of various government organizations, professional bodies and university bodies.

Her profile is available on: Susan Slaughter

2016 AAG Provincial Award Recipient – Master’s Level

Ms. Allison Harding is a Master of Science student in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Alberta. Allison became interested in working with older adults when she participated in an undergraduate ethnographic field school in Guatemala. When in Guatemala, Allison volunteered at the Elder’s Centre which provided meals and support to aging women and men in need. She then conducted a study with these older Guatemalan elders. Within her master’s degree, Allison is going to examine the perspectives of speech and hearing professionals regarding the provision of auditory rehabilitation services to adults with hearing loss in Alberta.

2016 AAG Provincial Award Recipient – PhD Level

Ms. Tori Hui Ren is a PhD student at the University of Alberta. Tori is studying the impact of environmental design in long term care facilities or supported living upon older adults with dementia in Alberta. Tori is currently working with two research groups: Research on Aging, Politics, and Practice (RAPP) at the University of Alberta, as well as the Gerontology Research Centre at Simon Fraser University. She is also assisting Dr. Megan Strickfaden in developing curriculum entitled, Environmental and Ecological Foundations of Aging, for college students in China. Tori has also been involved in AAG, as well as in organizing workshops and site visits for Chinese delegates learning about residential housing for Canadian seniors.

2016 AAG Edmonton Chapter Student Award

Ms. Linzy Bohn is a PhD student in psychology at the University of Alberta. Linzy’s doctoral research examines age-related changes in cognitive processing of emotional information and the impact this has on decision-making. Linzy’s interest in aging research was sparked by her work with DriveABLE. She has also published in the Psychology and Aging journal.

2016 AAG Calgary Chapter Student Award

Ms. Jenna Powell is a Master’s student in Social Work at the University of Calgary. Her focus in her Master’s degree is geriatric mental health. Jenna’s commitment to working with older adults was fuelled several years ago when she encountered older clients in her work at the Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team and the Victim Assistance Unit with the Calgary Police Force. Together with her faculty advisor, Jenna has founded and organized the Geriatric Awareness Committee that involves students, faculty and alumni of the Faculty of Social Work in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Grande Prairie.

Past AAG Student Award Recipients


  • Provincial Master’s Level – Allison Harding
  • Provincial PhD Level – Tori Hui Ren
  • Edmonton – Linzy Bohn
  • Calgary – Jenna Powell


  • Provincial Masters Level – Jasper Yeung
  • Provincial PhD Level – – Sharon Anderson
  • Edmonton – Stephanie Chamberlain
  • Calgary – Calandra Speirs


  • Provincial – Ashley Cornish


  • Provincial – Shawna Reid


  • Provincial Master’s Level – Sarah Lucas
  • Provincial PhD Level – Peggy McFall


  • Provincial PhD Level – Tiana Rust
  • Provincial – Scott Kendall


  • Provincial Master’s Level – Tiana Rust
  • Provincial PhD Level – Misty Renee Whalen


  • Provincial – Jennifer Swindle
  • Provincial Master’s Level – Misty Renee Whalen

Past Recipients of the Mary Morrison Davis Award of Excellence:

  • Susan Slaughter – 2016
  • Bruce West – 2015
  • Norah Keating – 2014
  • Carole-Lynne Le Navenec – 2013
  • Sharon Moore – 2010
  • Doris Milke – 2009
  • Corinne Schalm – 2008
  • Peter McCracken – 2007
  • Sandra Hirst – 2006
  • Dianne McDermid – 2005
  • Holly Crayston – 2002
  • Don Mayne – 2001
  • Robert Bramwell – 2000
  • Christine Lawrence – 1999
  • Wanda Cree – 1998
  • Joyce Church Springate – 1997
  • Vivien Lai – 1996
  • Mary Engelmann – 1992