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Futures Policy Forum Sponsorship

Creating Capacity for the Futures Policy Forum Initiative

Mobilizing a culture and community for change will take many minds and many hands. AAG needs a new financial capacity to achieve a future of healthy aging for all Albertans.

We would like to invite your support for the Futures Policy Forum Initiative. Please consider becoming a sponsor today.

Currently, AAG is raising funds to make the 2022 webinar series a reality. You may choose one of the following sponsorship packages. Also, we welcome discussion to tailor any sponsorship or donation to your specifications. We appreciate all contributions to the webinar series.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Connecting with AAG for a Sponsorship

You may have heard from AAG President Lynne Mansell about this sponsorship opportunity. If not, we look forward to hearing from you by email:

Watch for Updates on our Donors and Next Steps

AAG recognizes contributions as outlined above. Watch for updates on further opportunities to contribute to the change journey!

Registration for the third FREE webinar starts now!

Improving the Work Environment of Seniors’ Services Workers

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM