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Futures Policy Forum Webinars

AAG’s first initiative for the Futures Policy Forum offers FREE monthly webinars on ZOOM. We plan to reach participants across the province. We know that a broad and diverse range of individuals have a stake in our desired future for healthy aging. Help us to increase quality of life as we age! You could win an AAG Individual Membership for 2023 just by attending a webinar. Find out more about the Futures Policy Forum AAG Membership Draw now.

Aims of the Webinar Series

  1. Shared learning about the reasons and implications of transformative change.
  2. Engagement of citizens, aging adults, service providers and experts.

We will discuss the evidence that necessitates change. We will determine the methods, benefits and opportunities for change in Alberta.

Key Components of the Webinar Series

  1. Introduce the Need for Transformative Changes in the Seniors’ Sector

This component includes the first 2 webinars:

  1. Discuss Priority Policy Issues Required to Transform What We Do for the Future We Desire!

Topics for future webinars of the second component include:

  • Webinar #3, Improving the Work Environment of Seniors’ Services Workers – JUNE 15th
  • Implementing cultural change to achieve quality of life for clients receiving continuing care – Target September 2022
  • Shifting resources to the community, building flexibility of community services – Target October 2022
  • Innovation in models for community-based housing and care – Target November 2022
  • Policies and services to support for caregivers – Target January 2023
  • Innovation in using technology in the future delivery of seniors’ services – Target February 2023

The Futures Policy Forum AAG Membership Draw

Win an AAG Individual Membership for 2023!

You could be 1 of 4 lucky people to win a 2023 AAG Individual Membership. Winning an AAG membership is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Register for our next Futures Policy Forum Webinar by clicking here.
Step 2: Every webinar attended qualifies as an entry to the draw. Attend as many webinars as possible for multiple chances to win.
Step 3: WIN!

The Futures Policy Forum AAG Membership Draw will take place on February 28th, 2023. Four webinar attendees will win an AAG Individual Membership for 2023. AAG will contact you to redeem your prize.

Are you ready to win? Register now for the upcoming webinar and a chance to win!